Luxury Law Summit London 

10th June 2025

Reimagining Luxury: Disruption, Design and Distinction

Luxury brands are preparing for bracing times in a rapidly changing world impacted by geo-political  and economic trends and multigenerational complexity. Whilst the sector is still expanding, many challenges lie ahead for the general counsel of today’s luxury business.   

With experts predicting that the luxury landscape will be utterly transformed by 2030,  the sea change has already begun. Moving away from traditional thinking –focused on pushing out ideas from designers and creatives - innovative companies are developing new models of luxury, pulling in ideas from different sources, creating non-traditional relationships  and focusing on a total repositioning of their brand.    

According to Bain & Co, the winners will separate themselves through resilience, relevance and renewal – the basics of the new value-centred luxury equation. Predicting a new season of M&A, the luxury company of the future will also lead on sustainability and tech whilst maintaining a purposeful approach, the Bain report says.  

For legal departments, navigating businesses through changing times whilst dealing with ongoing legal issues is at the heart of their operations. But they now have an opportunity to be a bellwether for a more ethical and sustainable luxury. The Luxury Law Summit 2024 looked at why the legal department is uniquely placed to steer luxury businesses and what is needed to take the lead. How can a brand be positioned and protected in an era of activism? How can a culture of wellbeing and inclusivity be fostered in a company? How can true luxury consumers and Gen Z co-exist?  

The Luxury Law Summit London saw a unique gathering of general counsel, inhouse teams, founders, creatives, technologists and commentators. Bringing unrivalled insights to this high end marketplace, the Summit provided an opportunity to hear from the experts, exchange views and gain an overview of current business challenges.  

Just some of the topics discussed included: 

  • The Luxury Outlook: What’s on the horizon for the luxury sector
  • Artificial Intelligence and luxury: Managing legal risk
  • Politics and social activism
  • Luxury Takeovers: What to look out for in M&A
  • Data and Privacy matters
  • Greenwashing claims
  • Licensing
  • Diversity and Belonging
  • Employment
  • Driving value through IP asset management
  • Surviving Insolvency
  • Litigation trends
  • Anti-Counterfeiting
  • Sports & Luxury

Benefits of attending includes

  • CEOs, founders, general counsel and academics join a range of speakers from the world’s leading brands to discuss the hottest issues on the agenda for luxury companies. The event focuses on trends, predictions and what today’s luxury brands must do to stay ahead of the curve.
  • Delegates hear the latest legal insights and business information for inhouse lawyers and legal experts in a one day knowledge packed format with takeaways on the most important legal insights from litigation, the new threat of mass arbitrations to ESG laws and the latest class action trends.
  • Networking with peers as well as business colleagues to give an oversight of business challenges and opportunities and ensure legal experts have the latest updates on business and legal challenges and solutions.


2024 Speakers

The Venue

The British Museum
 Great Russell Street


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