Luxury in the Roaring Twenties – Navigating the new roadmap

The luxury industry is on the cusp of a new period of growth. After a torrid and challenging time, business looks set to be more dynamic than ever before, driven by pent-up consumer demand, record levels of wealth, and increased investor appetite for the luxury sector. The rich have gotten richer – and they’re ready to spend. For those at the top of the luxury goods industry, things have never looked better, and sales have never bounced back faster.

How has the luxury industry adapted to the new realities of the last 18 months? What lessons can be learned from the winners and survivors of the pandemic? What were the keys to resilience? And what industry trends have now been accelerated?

This year’s Luxury Law Summit Europe brought together General Counsel and business figures from leading luxury brands to discuss how the industry can capitalise on opportunities in the new “Roaring Twenties”.

An editorially-curated and highly efficient one day agenda explored the topics that really matter to the luxury industry, and the trends shaping tomorrow’s business. Attendees received insights into key topics including: the new digital marketplace and accelerated growth of online retail; the emergence of high-end luxury digital assets and NFTs; increasing adoption of blockchain technologies by the luxury industry; the growth of ESG-related considerations by consumers and the need to improve industry performance in this area; and much more.

Programme topics also included:

  • Technology and its ongoing influence on the luxury and fashion world
  • The rise of resale, rental, and re-use
  • Sustainability in the luxury and circular economy
  • How brands should navigate the new influencer media landscape
  • Pandemic geo-politics and the luxury sector
  • Privacy matters
  • The Ongoing challenges of Brexit
  • The global marketplace – from China to Latin America to Africa and Europe.

PLUS! The winners of the 2021 Luxury Law Awards were announced

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The Luxury Law London Summit and Awards were hosted at the British Museum

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