Luxury of Wealth

Women, wealth, philanthropy

For the second consecutive month, philanthropist will gather in London this June to discuss how companies, firms and wealthy individuals can get the most out of their efforts to give back.

Wealth creators have been change leaders over the centuries with many contributing to the common good through charitable endeavours. Now women are beginning to enter this space as female business leaders and entrepreneurs account for an increasing share of the world’s wealth.

With wealth comes responsibility, according to Bill Gates. He is representative of the leading families around the world which have created foundations leading to major change in a variety of areas. From the Rothschilds whose banking fortunes have contributed to a wealth of good causes to the Sainsbury family and the impact of their foundation on science, the power of wealth to change the world has been well documented. Now leading tech entrepreneurs are following suit.

On 21st June, we welcomed speakers Nadine Rodgers, Princess Tessy de Luxembourg, Clare Murray, Heather Geluk and Darshana Ubl in an informal gathering where they discussed:

○ Starting up and making your mark in business
○ How to influence
○ Accumulating wealth and what to do with it
○ Making an impact in the city and society
○ Achieving your goals
○ The Art of Philanthropy

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