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2015 Designer Innovation Award


Jasper Garvida from Éthologie, talks about what winning the Designer Innovation Award meant to him, as well as providing some important tips on what makes a winning entry

What meant for you winning the Designer Innovation Award?

It meant a great deal to me. To be recognised for your work is always an honour. People in fashion work very hard to achieve their objectives. The opportunity to be recognised and obtain publicity for your work is really valuable especially in terms of moving your business and brand forward. The event itself is also a great opportunity to network and meet potential sponsors.

What would you advise those who wish to enter nominations?

Be fearless. This is an opportunity to gain recognition for you and your work.

What would you advise judges to take into account when choosing a winner?

The role of judging comes with responsibility. Any decisions can have a direct impact on the nominees career opportunities. To have the ability to put your personal taste to one side in preference to rewarding potential and outstanding talent is really important.

What advise would you give to anyone looking to submit an entry?

Spend plenty of time putting your application together. Ensure you supply exactly what is requested in the terms and conditions. Choose the pieces that best show off your skills and also be clear to explain not only your hopes but also your specific plans for the future.
Good luck!