Silvio Campara

In September 2018, at just 39 years old, Silvio Campara was appointed
Chief Executive Officer of the Venice-based label Golden Goose,
tasked with further accelerating the brand’s international growth and
continuing his track record of boosting revenue and improving margins.
His appointment to lead Golden Goose at this crucial stage is
an indication of the respect he has built in the industry through his
years of experience.

Campara, a graduate of the prestigious Università Commerciale Luigi
Bocconi, began his career in 2004, working in Alexander McQueen,
and moving in 2006 to Giorgio Armani, contributing to the launch of
the Maison’s retail network in Asia.

In 2009 he specialized in buy-out operations, starting a long and
fruitful collaboration with Style Capital, which sees him as the protagonist
of Sundek’s retail expansion, before becoming an investor and
Commercial Director in Golden Goose starting from 2013.
Right from the start he supported the great renewal of the Venetian
brand with significant improvements in sales and by creating the
GGDB retail network, thus contributing to the consolidation of the
brand’s distribution and to the creation of the luxury sneakers trend
on a worldwide scale.

With the arrival of Carlyle and the appointment of Campara to CEO,
the growth of the Brand as a global luxury player is strengthened.
During the course of his management, the brand has grown from 20
million euros in turnover to the current 186 million euros, with a brand
value raising from 50 million to 420 million euros.