Sheahan Stephen

Sheahan Stephen is the President, CEO and Owner of Sheahan Stephen Sapphires Inc. He is a graduate of Portland State University and certified by the Gemological Institute of America as an Accredited Jewelry Professional. 

 From humble beginnings in 2006, gaining hands-on experience from some of the best miners, heat treaters and cutters in Sri Lanka, to becoming a worldwide authority on sapphires and educating others; running a sustainable and ethically responsible business has always been one of Sheahan’s life goals. As a leading sapphire merchant, full transparency is crucial to his business. Sheahan guarantees the provenance of every gemstone sold by his company and has the ability to trace the origin of each stone through every vital step from mine to market. 

Education and building trusted associations are key tenets of Sheahan Stephen Sapphires Inc.  Sheahan is one of the world’s foremost practical gemologists, an expert in sapphire identification, grading and pricing. He travels the world sharing knowledge with the gem and jewelry industry through giving lectures on subjects such as mining, treatment, processing, pricing trends, and trading with different regions.