Roberto Manriquez

Roberto Manriquez is a Specialized Criminal Officer for INTERPOL Trafficking in Illicit Goods Sub-Directorate, former Intellectual Property Rights Unit, and a former Chilean police officer graduated from the higher rank police academy and from the FBI National Academy.

He also studied Criminal Intelligence in the USA, Brazil, the CSIS, Canadian Security & Intelligence Service and at the United Nations Peacekeeping Academy in Chile and Sweden.

From 2004 – 2007 he was appointed to INTERPOL’s Regional Bureau in Buenos Aires. Since 2005 he has been coordinator for Jupiter Operation, in conjunction with the World Customs Organization, local police forces and private sector representatives in South America.

Mr Manriquez is also responsible for the deployment of similar operations focused on counterfeiting, piracy and smuggling in East Africa, West Africa and Central and North America, as well as organizing integrated IP Crime training and operations sessions in those regions and Europe.

In 2011 on behalf of the IPR Programme he was presented with the Global Anti-Counterfeiting Award. In 2012 was the General Moderator of the International Intellectual Property Crime Conference held in Panama.