Paolo Beconcini

A sought-after authority on IP protection and enforcement in China, Paolo regularly appears in Chinese courts and attends IPR raids on local counterfeiters. His record of success in patent infringement lawsuits includes a landmark case once designated “case of the year” by several IP journals. He leads business intelligence teams that pursue evidence of counterfeiting operations, particularly in China’s automotive and mechanical industry, but also in its fashion industry.

He is frequently invited to speak at conferences devoted to the growing field of Chinese IP, and has been actively involved in field projects, including trademark and patent enforcement training programs for Chinese civil servants. Paolo is regularly interviewed on China IP matters by media around the world such as The Wall Street Journal, CNN, Bloomberg, La Tribune and Il Sole24 Ore, to name a few.

In China, where intellectual property disputes routinely involve multiple cultures, Paolo’s fluency in six languages, including Mandarin, helps him navigate international borders, and creates confidence in his clients. Paolo represents US and European clients in confronting the myriad cross-cultural challenges – legal, commercial, political – that threaten patent and trademark assets.