Lee Sporn

With John Idol, Michael Kors’ CEO, Lee Sporn helped establish a company which has become one of the most successful and profitable fashion brands in the world. He co-founded Cardozo’s FAME program, the first law school program solely devoted to training lawyers counsel clients in the creative industries, ranging from tech start-ups to fashion companies and including media, entertainment and visual and creative arts. Lee was also one of the leaders in the battle against counterfeiters during his time at Ralph Lauren and, most recently, in his well-publicised objection to Alibaba/Taobao becoming a member of a well-known trade organisation devoted solely to the fight against counterfeiting. He was always at the forefront of creative thinking on issues such as third party liability (suing landlords, flea market owners, auction sites and payment processors) throughout his career. Lee started out as a concert pianist and, after law school, represented Leonard Bernstein and other creative artists while at the law firm Proskauer Rose.