Kitty Bruce-Gardyne

With family forebears from the Isle of Harris and Lewis, Kitty has lived in Scotland since 1998, having previously worked at the British Chamber of Commerce in Milan and central Italy. Through her love of walking, she discovered Scotland’s iconic rural woollen mills, housing the production of Scotland’s finest cashmere and tweeds and was inspired to design her signature Kitty Mackenzie Lusken scarf by the beautiful textiles and talented makers she met on her travels. She personally sources all her cloth direct from the Scottish weavers and mills and works closely with her Italian makers in Edinburgh, overseeing the design and production of each scarf. Kitty’s passion for Scottish cloth is fired by its relationship with the people, the landscape and the visibly high quality of workmanship woven into each piece. She strives to showcase the talents of skilled artisans who uphold Scottish textile traditions for new generations to enjoy and support their communities with their living textile traditions. Kitty Mackenzie, tweed and cashmere scarves, handmade in Scotland – a celebration of world class Scottish textiles and exquisite Italian tailoring.