Johannes Torpe

Danish designer Johannes Torpe is an accomplished creator of holistically designed spaces. His creative vision is to challenge the nature of user-experience within a space by breaking traditional boundaries and taking necessary risks. Johannes Torpe is driven by his ambition to inspire. His high-octane energy and eclectic personality open the doors to new perspectives, resulting in an evolution of enduring spatial experiences that are realized through layers of multifaceted design.

As a man who has gone from entertaining large audiences on the stage as a musician, to designing enduring interior spaces, it was very fitting when Johannes Torpe was chosen as luxury electronic brand Bang & Olufsen’s first- ever creative director.

The role facilitates the fusion of his knowledge in sound and design. He has the opportunity to explore the essence of beautiful sound in creating magical consumer experiences. Torpe has a lifelong passion for this 88-year-old brand so it’s a title that he wears proudly.

Torpe brings a breath of fresh air, with new dimensions and perspectives that strip Bang & Olufsen down to its essence and core philosophy.
The aim is to build upon the brand’s values to enhance its overall perception and reposition B&O as a company that prides itself upon forward thinking and innovation.

While remaining knee-deep in his role at Bang & Olufsen, Torpe maintains loyalty to his personal design studio Johannes Torpe Studios. The studio has been operating for the last 16 years across a variety of design disciplines including architecture, furniture design, interior design, product design and branding. Headquartered in Copenhagen, the studio is an inspiring creative hub.

Johannes Torpe’s time is generally split 50/50 between Bang & Olufsen and his personal design work, but with the studio’s expansion in recent years to China and Italy, a lot of his time is spent traveling internationally between the studios to maintain a consistent connection and relationship to the people working in each studio.