Jacqui Harper

Jacqui Harper is a virtual presence expert. She increases the influence and impact of leaders to help them achieve career ambitions or drive change and transformation in their organisations.

Her methods for developing virtual presence come from her success as an acclaimed author, a visiting professor at INSEAD and a former BBC news anchor.

Her book ‘Executive Presentations’ was a finalist in the Business Book Awards 2019. The book explains how The Virtual Presence Model can help people speak with confidence and skill. Jacqui created the Virtual Presence Model and runs practical sessions on it for international leaders at INSEAD in Paris and Singapore. The Virtual Presence Model includes TV techniques to overcome the limitations of online communication.

Jacqui has helped thousands of leaders speak with confidence and skill. When they use The Virtual Presence Model to develop a more authentic and engaging presence, leaders find they’re more successful in other critical areas of leadership, such as inspiring others, collaboration and building relationships.

Jacqui’s sessions are all about realising the incredible potential in every one of us. Making greater use of our own resources increases confidence, resilience and opportunities.
As a TV anchor, Jacqui presented various programmes for BBC News and a talk show. Her first media job was reporting for the Oakland Tribune in California.

Outside work, Jacqui enjoys taking photos. She’s a regular fixture on the rugby pitch taking action shots of her son and his mates. She’s also mad about movies. As a member of The British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) she sees almost two hundred films a year.