Hélène Le Blanc

Hélène Le Blanc is a consultant and writer specialised in luxury branding and digital media strategy.

After several years of practicing law as a litigation attorney in Canada, she joined Apple as a senior attorney based in Apple’s European headquarters where she advised the marketing teams on a wide range of marketing, communication and digital issues.

She left law to pursue a dual passion for luxury and digital media. Since then, she has advised luxury brands on brand building and digital media strategy including content creation across multiple digital, print and social media platforms. Hélène is a frequent conference speaker and lecturer.

She has written extensively on luxury for various digital and print publications. She also authors a well-regarded blog entitled The Luxe Chronicles which explores issues pertaining to the changing nature of the luxury industry. It is written from the perspective of a consumer of luxury goods and services, a voice frequently missing from the conversation on luxury.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts from McGill University in Montreal as well as degrees in Common Law and Civil Law from McGill Law School. Hélène has lived in New York City, London and is currently based in Paris.