Daniela Cecilio

Dynamic fashion tech entrepreneur Daniela Cecilio is the woman set to change the way you search, discover and buy fashion online in 2014.

The 33-year-old is a founding member of the uber-successful fashion portal, Farfetch.com, and also happens to be the wife of its founder and C.E.O., José Neves.

Now the Brazilian-born, ex-fashion designer and “fashion obsessive” has branched out on her own to launch ASAP54, the first ever fashion app that allows users to discover products through its social fashion community that also encompasses both the latest visual search technology and its own personal styling service.

“The idea was born out of my frustration when searching to buy products online,” she explained. “I’m a very visual person and find it hard to describe what I see in words, so googling emotions was a terrible exercise. I thought there has to be an easier and quicker way.

“I was also looking for a simple way to be connected to what my friends and muses were coveting. I loved the idea of a sneaky peek into other people’s fashion searches that I can turn to for inspiration.

“And then I had the idea…and transformed my passion for finding unique items into a business in creating ASAP54.”

Daniela has already created a huge buzz around ASAP54, having been voted runner-up at The Battlefield Tech Crunch Europe Awardsand having attracted funding from high-profile investors.

Daniela’s ambition for the next two years is to “change the way people search, and share fashion. I want ASAP54 to empower people to search and buy a fashion item inspired by everything that they see — from a beautiful painting to a photograph in a magazine.”