The Luxury Law Summits and associated conferences are now must attend events each year for business leaders and leading counsel for the luxury sector. Each Summit is a day packed full of networking and learning, providing essential insights into the developing opportunities and challenges for luxury brands. The Luxury Law Alliance connects the brands and their advisors through a unique international network.


Reimagining Luxury: Disruption, Design and Distinction

11 June, 2024 - London

The founding event now moving into its twelvth year. The Luxury Law Summit 2024 will look at why the legal department is uniquely placed to steer luxury businesses and what is needed to take the lead. How can a brand be positioned and protected in an era of activism? How can a culture of wellbeing and inclusivity be fostered in a company? How can true luxury consumers and Gen Z co-exist? The Luxury Law Summit London is a unique gathering of general counsel, inhouse teams, founders, creatives, technologists and commentators. Bringing unrivalled insights to this high end marketplace, the Summit provides an opportunity to hear from the experts, exchange views and gain an overview of current business

The Luxury Boutique - Milan 2024 

30 September, 2024 - Milan

Milan, the capital of luxury fashion and design, is the first on the spot luxury masterclass in the luxury heartlands from the founders of the Luxury Law Summits. Bringing the essence of the Summits to the city, the invitation only afternoon will feature a founder of a pre-eminent luxury brand who will share their experiences with a select group of legal counsel. The group will have the opportunity to have an interactive discussion, insights of their journey as well as thoughts on challenges and opportunities and predictions for the future.

Luxury Law Summit New York

November 19th, 2024, New York

The 2024 Luxury Law Summit Americas is a unique opportunity for general counsel and in house legal teams to discuss experiences and share insights on the latest trends and challenges.