May 16th

Women, Wealth, Philanthropy

On 16th May 2016, wealthy women (and a few men) with an interest in using their wealth for the greater good but with insight and strategy attended the first private gathering organised as part of The Luxury Law Summit.


Corporate givers should play to their strengths, say top philanthropists

Leading philanthropists gathered in London on Monday as part of the Luxury Law Summit 2016 to share their perspectives on how companies, firms and wealthy individuals can get the most out of giving back.

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There was a particular focus on the power of philanthropy and impact investing.

Other issues discussed included:

○ What does modern giving look like?

○ Who are the new donors?

○ How can new wealth be used wisely?

○ Is philanthropy for all wealth generators?

○ Are there different ways of spending money for the greater good?

○ Are women the new givers and what is their style of giving?

○ What advice would philanthropists give to other wealth generators on philanthropic pursuits?

○ What are the risks and rewards?

Learn more about our speakers:

○ Nick Jenkins, Founder of Moonpig, Dragon on BBC’s Dragon Den, social entrepreneur

○ HRH Princess Tessy de Luxembourg

○ Victoria Christian, Brand Ambassador and Spokesperson, Clive Christian

○ Carmel Allen, Creative Director, Linley

○ Plum Lomax, New Philanthropy Capital


 The Luxury of wealth gathering was sponsored by: