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Exploring the notion of ‘luxury’ – a concept so malleable and evolving in nature- is a most challenging yet rewarding pursuit. Of all the past years, 2022 deserves a special mention.

After two years of Covid lockdowns, social everyday interactions reliant on digital platforms and altered working patterns we walk out into a world that has been altered forever; pandemic ongoing, war in Ukraine, environmental disasters, increased social uncertainty and volatility. Where does Luxury fit into all this? Importantly, given an acceleration in luxury consumption during 2021, -right in the middle of a global pandemic- why does luxury seem to be paradoxically even more relevant today than ever before?

The Luxury Plus Summit therefore has a special and challenging mission: to explore the nature of these recent changes, their effects on the luxury industry and on our identity, as producers, thinkers, consumers of luxury. This year, four broad substantial themes navigate the choppy waters of socio-political, consumer behaviour, education/training, innovation/technology discourse:

  • How is the world of luxury adapting to the unfolding geopolitical changes?
  • What new consumer behaviour patterns emerge and how will they drive industry evolution?
  • How do changes in the way we work, play and consume affect the way we deliver education and personal training?
  • What technological, environmental and other innovations are influencing the world of luxury and how?


Speakers include:

Venue Details

46 Grosvenor Street.
London, W1K 3HN