Agenda 2023

This is a working agenda and subject to change.

Tuesday 13 June 2023

The Next Generation of Authentic Luxury




Welcome from the Chair

Jamie Gill, Strategic Advisor, Luxury, Fashion & Retail


Opening Keynote: The Luxury Outlook


Panel Discussion: The Responsibility of Luxury

We all know that with great power comes great responsibility. Our opening panel will explore the challenges faced in serving their markets and the reasons why luxury carries such a weight on its shoulders. What non negotiables form part of the next generation ethos of luxury and how are they reacting to global challenges? Should luxury be setting targets as well as trends?


Morning Coffee


Workshops Set 1:  Luxury in Depth

Choose between one of two sessions for a taste of something more technical.

1) Luxury Brands in an economic downturn

Hosted by Baker & McKenzie

  • Micro and Macro trends
  • Changing consumer habits in an economic downturn
  • How brands operate and adapt
  • Corporate strategies for continued growth
  • Resilience – changing business models, restructuring transactions and consolidation

2) Going green? How to build a successful green advertising campaign

Hosted by Bird & Bird

Luxury brands continue to adapt and evolve in an eco-conscious market, incorporating more sustainable practices with green advertising campaigns to match. However, green claims are under legal scrutiny. If the factual foundation of a claim is lacking, cease and desist letters and PR risks often follow. We will explore the do’s and don’ts of creating a successful and compliant green advertising campaign, drawing on some recent examples that luxury brands can learn from.



Workshops Set 2: Luxury in Depth

Choose between one of two sessions for a taste of something more technical.

3) Enhancing Intangible Value

Hosted by Deloitte

The luxury industry is at the cutting edge of innovation. Innovation transforms business models and drives intangible value, which has increased 7 fold in the past 20 years. The fastest growing businesses invest 2-6 x more in their intangibles (IP, intellectual capital and intangible assets) than slow growers. In these uncertain times, effective intangible management is more important than ever; it’s on the priority list of c-suites in the luxury space.   

We’re joined by two of the most innovative businesses in the luxury market, Farfetch and Luxottica, who alongside us will share their thoughts on how you can help your business unleash the untapped potential and shape your intangible growth strategy.

Rachael Barber, Partner, Deloitte Legal UK

Alessandro Farris, Group Marketing Compliance Director, Luxottica Group

Ben Lyons, Head of Legal (IP and Innovation), Farfetch 

Ida Palombella, Partner, Deloitte Legal Italy

Hosted by Hogan Lovells

NFTs have been tickling brand’s creativity for a couple of years now. While the launch of an NFTs project is surrounded by great hype, with huge marketing and communication investments, NFTs then live their own life on the market. Do brands lose control over them? Are licenses enough to prevent third parties from using them commercially? Exhaustion applies online? In practice, platforms have tools that could help brands in case of unauthorized uses? The time has come to draw some first conclusions and try to understand whether this trend has cons that shall be carefully evaluated by brands.




Keynote Interview

Host: Sue Timney, Designer


Workshops Set 3: Luxury in Depth

5) Topic to be confirmed

Hosted by DLA Piper 

6) Preserving and Enhancing Luxury Talent 


Workshops Set 4: Luxury in Depth

7) Investing in the U.S., Certain Considerations around Non-compete

Hosted by Linklaters

Antonia Sherman, Head of U.S. Antitrust & Foreign Investment Group, Linklaters

Pierre-Emmanuel Perais, Partner, Linklaters

8) Topic to be confirmed


Afternoon Coffee Break


Jewellery & Watches: Legal Insights and Commercial Predictions

There is no doubt that even in challenging times, jewellery is outperforming many luxury sectors. As we navigate this uncertain and ever-changing current reality, our speakers will explore the unexpected challenges they are currently facing and how they are tackling them.

Moderator: Tiffany Stevens, CEO and GC, Jeweller’s Vigilance Committee

Dave Bindra, Vice President, B&B Fine Gems

John Mulligan, Director Market Relations & Climate Change Lead, World Gold Council

Purvi Shah, Head of Ethical & Sustainable Value Chains, DeBeers


The Luxury Interview


Book Launch


Chair’s Closing Remarks

Jamie Gill, Strategic Advisor, Luxury, Fashion & Retail


The Luxury Law Awards

Winners of the 2023 Luxury Law Awards announced


Luxury Law Summit Fashion Show


Drinks Reception