Agenda 2019

2 April, Ham Yard Hotel, London



08.30 am       Registrationsssss

09.00 am       Chair’s welcome

09.10 am       Disruptive Luxury: How Silicon Valley is redefining the luxury marketplace
  • New ways of advertising that are changing customers’ user experience
  • Artificial Intelligence and its impact on luxury
  • Augmented reality and its possible usage in brick and mortar experiences, as well as online
  • Start-ups stepping into the luxury space and technology disrupting luxury

Jenny Wolfram, CEO & Founder, BrandBastion

09.30 am       Technology meets Luxury meets China: a fireside chat with Alibaba

Michael Evans, President, Alibaba, in conversation with Frederick Mostert, Chair, Founder Digilabs, Professor of Practice, Dickson Poon School of Law, Kings College, London

10.00 am     Inside Coty: The challenges of running a 21st century luxury law department

Legal developments inside one of the world’s leading luxury brands

New markets, new technologies, new challenges

An exploration of the emerging issues in the luxury sector and how Coty’s luxury division responds

Greerson McMullen, Chief Legal Officer, General Counsel & Secretary, Coty

10.25 am     New Luxury: Tracking Golden Goose SpA

Silvio Campara, CEO, Golden Goose

10.40 am       Refreshments

11.10 am       Workshops, choose one from the following:

Workshop #1

Influencers: risk or reward?

  • What is a photo worth? Are influencers the way forward for luxury brands?
  • The consumer protection challenge
  • Entrusting your brand image to a third party

Hosted by Bryan Cave

  • Nick Steward, Founder, GALLIVANT
  • Melanie Nardo, General Counsel, Coty Luxury Division
  • Joby Davis, Partner, Bryan Cave
  • Jeremy Bark, Associate Director, Bryan Cave
  • Carol Osborne, Partner, Bryan Cave

Workshop #2

Changing trade policies and their impact on the Luxury & Fashion industry

  • Current development and disruption in international trade practice and policies is having an impact on the framework on which luxury & fashion companies and investors have historically relied on to develop their global supply chains and businesses more generally.
  • How is the sector responding to these challenges and how should luxury & fashion companies be managing the resulting commercial uncertainty and adapting their overall business strategy and supply chain management?

This workshop will look at the various implications of these changing trade dynamics for the industry, in particular in light of the changes in US trade policy and the latest Brexit developments.

Hosted by Baker McKenzie

  • Alyssa Auberger, Global Chair of Consumer Goods & Retail Industry Group, Baker McKenzie
  • Jessica Mutton, Associate, Baker McKenzie
  • Rod Hunter, Partner, Baker McKenzie
  • Jon Cowley, Partner, Baker McKenzie

Workshop #3

Safeguarding luxury & fashion brands online

Online counterfeiting is a continuing issue for luxury brands as counterfeiters become ever more sophisticated. EUIPO research in 2016 found that: “The ingenuity of infringers of intellectual property rights appears to have kept track with and even to some extent outpaced the development of the legitimate business models designed to facilitate online commerce.”

This workshop will:

  • Look at ways to mitigate the risks of operating in the online sphere
  • Consider how counterfeiters develop their networks and reach consumers
  • Explain the shift from counterfeits to look-a-likes
  • Consider best-practice and legal options using a luxury case study

Hosted by Wiggin/Incopro

  • Rachel Alexander, Partner, Wiggin
  • Helen Saunders, Chief Product and Customer Solutions Officer, Incopro

Workshop #4

Luxury & Blockchain – Buzzword or Beneficial?

According to the OECD, the retail value of imported fake goods is in the region of $461 billion per year (2013). Luxury companies are rightly seeking to maintain and protect the provenance and quality of their goods, while at the same time, consumers are increasingly conscious of the collective responsibility to ensure their purchases are sustainably and responsibly sourced, and ever more engaged with technology.

Blockchain technology has been alleged to be a solution looking for a problem, but can it be used by luxury companies to meet existing and new challenges? Can Blockchain technology be utilised to address the existing challenges of provenance and combating counterfeiting, enable brands to monitor, enforce and record the significant efforts put in by them to meet the increasing need for supply chain sustainability and responsibility, while simultaneously improving the user experience?

Hosted by Fladgate

  • Eddie Powell, Partner, Fladgate
  • David Lee, Associate, Fladgate
  • Alex Batlin, Founder & CEO, Trustology
  • Joel Smalley, CEO, SuperMoney
  • Lilly Pencheva, Senior Consultant, Blockchain technology & Digital Risk, Deloitte

12.00 pm       Workshop Reports

Our conference chair will present a quick summary of the key takeaways from each session.

12.05 pm       Panel: Protecting the essence of luxury in the new world

Our panel discuss the challenges created by new distribution channels, and the solutions that protect luxury brands.

  • Ensuring the luxury experience
  • Protecting brand equity
    • Clare Cornell, Partner, Finnegan Europe LLP
    • Aaron Parker, Partner, Finnegan LLP

12.35 pm       Global Powers of Luxury Goods 2019 – Bridging the gap between the old and the new

An exclusive preview of the results of this year’s Deloitte Global Powers of Luxury Goods report, which looks at the 100 largest luxury goods companies around the world and discusses the key trends shaping the luxury markets.

  • Sundeep Khanna, Fashion & Luxury Leader, Deloitte UK
  • Giovanni Faccioli, Fashion & Luxury Leader, Deloitte Italy

12:55 pm       Lunch

14.00 pm       The Crossover of Anti-Counterfeiting and Cybersecurity for Brands in the Luxury Space

Alex Urbelis, Blackstone Law Group

Top rated speaker from Luxury Law New York Summit 2018

14.20 pm       Robots and automation: A challenge or an opportunity for luxury?

Marie Myers, Chief Finance Officer, UiPath

14.45 pm       Workshops, choose one from the following:

Workshop #1

Trust in data, no longer a luxury? – Privacy, security, and consumer trust for 21st century Luxury

Privacy laws are changing, analytics and targeting are becoming business imperatives, and your customers are demanding enhanced connectivity and personalization. Join us as we explore some of the challenges of succeeding in a data-driven market that is undergoing global regulatory upheavals.

Hosted by Hogan Lovells

  • Nicola Fulford, Partner, Hogan Lovells
  • James Denvil, Senior Associate, Hogan Lovells

Workshop #2

Online sales, risk and competition enforcement in a fast-changing retail environment: protecting your brand

Luxury brands are under threat as powerful ecommerce platforms create added risk alongside aggressive competition regulators. From resale pricing to online sales, this panel will look at the changing nature of brand protection in Europe in light of recent landmark cases, and how to balance meeting business objectives with achieving compliance. Importantly, this panel will also consider the potential impact of the European Commission’s recently launched review of the Vertical Agreements Block Exemption Regulation (VABER), which will thoroughly re-evaluate how competition law is applied to distribution practices. Brand owners, distributors and retailers, as well as ecommerce platforms, will need to pay close attention to the review as its outcome will have a critical impact on how luxury goods and services are distributed for years to come.

This panel will explore:

  • What is luxury and why does this matter?
  • How does your market position impact your risk exposure?
  • How do you manage and incentivise retail partners effectively?
  • Can you control pricing, and what if your brand also sells online direct to consumers?
  • Can you control sales or advertising on online platforms?
  • What are the potential outcomes of the European Commission’s VABER review and how can luxury brands protect themselves?

Hosted by Van Bael & Bellis,

  • Edzard Offers, Nike Legal Counsel EMEA
  • Åsa Ericson Hedström, Vice President Legal, Fiskars Group
  • Andrzej Kmiecik, Partner, Van Bael & Bellis
  • Andreas Reindl, Partner, Van Bael & Bellis

Workshop #3

Al Tech and Fashion 

  • The emerging roles of artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), and augmented reality (AR) in fashion and retail and how it is reshaping the consumer experience (e.g., “smart” mirrors, “data dresses”, etc.).
  • The intellectual property and privacy issues raised by these trends, including:  IP protection for wearable technology; data privacy concerns under regulatory schemes such as the GDPR, HIPAA, and the California Consumer Privacy Act; and the use of verification technologies to identify and combat counterfeits.
  • How brands can comply with evolving legal requirements to keep pace with (or stay ahead of) the technology trends in fashion and luxury retail.

Hosted by Greenberg Traurig  

  • Danielle Garno, Shareholder, Greenberg Traurig 
  • Steve Wadyka, Shareholder, Greenberg Traurig
  • David Köröndi, Legal Manager, Eton Shirts

Workshop #4

Nurturing Luxury Innovation

According to Bain, the online share of the global personal luxury goods market is predicted to rise to 25% by 2025.   Augmented Retail will be the luxury shopping reality.  But what does this mean for the luxury customer, how can brands and retailers innovate, and how does a Legal Team partner with a business serving an ever-evolving digital environment?

Join the Farfetch Legal and Store of the Future Teams as we discuss what innovation means at Farfetch.  We will explore building an agile Legal Team, how to collaborate cross-functionality, the importance of open innovation and keeping the luxury customer’s experience, together with brand positioning and visual representation, front and centre.

Hosted by Farfetch

  • Alice Flaye, Head of Legal – IP/Commercial, Farfetch
  • Bianca Stewart, Senior Legal Counsel – Corporate/Commercial, Farfetch
  • Kelley Brogan, Head of Customer Experience for Store of the Future, Farfetch
  • Olivia Ferdi, Senior Legal Counsel – IP/Commercial, Farfetch

15.30 pm       Refreshments

15.55 pm       Workshop Reports

Our conference chair will present a quick summary of the key take-aways from each session

16.00 pm       Modernising luxury distribution: new opportunities for growth and value creation
  • New consumers, new markets and reaching the digital generation
  • Introducing E-Concessions – a new channel to modernise channel mix and challenge tradition
  • Enhancing distribution control online

Louise Singlehurst, Managing Director, European Equity Research, Goldman Sachs Research

16.15 pm       Luxury Travel – Planes, Trains and Automobiles: Risk and Compliance
  • Panel Chair: Michael Ellis, Group General Counsel, Abercrombie & Kent
  • Abbi Hunt, Vice President, Legal, Belmond
  • Toby Edwards, Managing Director, Fly Victor
  • Chris Ogle, Vice President and Senior Counsel, Hilton

16.40pm       The Vintage Revolution
  • The growth in the vintage, or resale, market and the implications for the luxury industry
  • Breaking down silos and connecting luxury brands with the secondary market
  • How brands can work to limit counterfeiting in the resale industry

Stephanie Crespin, Founder and CEO, Style Tribute

16.55pm       Fashion, Tech and the Rise of New Luxury
  • What is new luxury?
  • Blending new and old
  • The challenges and opportunities for new luxury
  • Adding technology to creativity

Kenneth Anand, Head of Business Development & General Counsel, Yeezy Apparel

Anne Gundelfinger, former head of Global IP, Swarovski

Margaret Byrne, Managing Director & General Counsel, EStars

17.20pm       The Luxury Law Awards presentation

18.20pm       Fashion Show

18.30pm       Drinks & Canapes

20.00pm       Close