Luxury Law Summit London

The Next Generation of Authentic Luxury

Is luxury untouchable?  Despite high inflation and a looming recession, luxury spend is greater than ever. Revenues are up as luxury trades down. And, as one observer said, the rich remain rich, even in a recession.

But as luxury empires continue to expand, will the economic downturn expose vulnerabilities? How does luxury preserve its abundant rarity and when does increasing accessibility pose a threat to exclusivity?

With unprecedented scrutiny in a number of areas – from ESG and increased regulation to a more politically attuned consumer and an ever-growing litigious environment – how must luxury reshape to future proof?

Luxury Europe is a unique opportunity for general counsel and in house legal teams to discuss experiences and share insights on these latest trends and challenges. Bringing together the leading luxury brands, leaders and thinkers in luxury for unrivalled access to this high end marketplace, the Luxury Law Summit provides need to know insights for its attendees and an overview of current business challenges.

Topics include:

  • Global Luxury : Trends and challenges
  • ESG: How to incorporate authentically
  • Digital innovation and what is on the horizon
  • The new luxury consumer: What Millennials and Gen Z want
  • Sector updates – from fashion, hospitality, cars to yachts and travel etc
  • Design and ownership issues
  • Indigenous designs
  • Data privacy and security: Latest insights
  • Litigation trends in the luxury world
  • Competition in the luxury world
  • Licensing and luxury
  • Luxury and Politics – Reputational protection
  • Brand Protection trends

Benefits of attending includes

  • CEOs, founders, general counsel and academics join a range of speakers from the world’s leading brands to discuss the hottest issues on the agenda for luxury companies. The event focuses on trends, predictions and what today’s luxury brands must do to stay ahead of the curve.
  • Delegates hear the latest legal insights and business information for inhouse lawyers and legal experts in a one day knowledge packed format with takeaways on the most important legal insights from litigation, the new threat of mass arbitrations to ESG laws and the latest class action trends.
  • Networking with peers as well as business colleagues to give an oversight of business challenges and opportunities and ensure legal experts have the latest updates on business and legal challenges and solutions.

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The Venue

The Luxury Law London Summit and Awards were hosted at the British Museum

Great Russell Street