Agenda 2021

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Key topics include:

The new digital marketplace and accelerated growth of online retail
The growth of ecommerce, and the shift in consumer behaviour towards online, driven by the pandemic, is here to stay. What does this mean for luxury brands? How should the c-suite be planning for the future? And what does this mean for the role of physical flagships?

The emergence of high-end luxury digital assets and NFTs
The last two years have seen an explosion of interest and activity in NFTs, fuelled by the allure of the new, as well as easy and plentiful money. What do legal counsel need to know about this new market? Is this the next bubble? Or a legitimate part of the future luxury industry?

Increasing  adoption of blockchain technologies by the luxury industry
Linked to resale as well as increased consumer interest in provenance and sustainability, the use of blockchain technologies has increased dramatically within luxury. Beyond record-keeping and digitalisation of ledgers, what more can blockchain offer the industry?

The  growth of ESG
Consumers are increasingly motivated by a brand’s concrete actions in the ESG space. Moving beyond a marketing tagline or afterthought, ESG is now becoming critical and core to the sales performance of luxury brands. Speakers will explore how integrating ESG considerations into business planning can benefit all.

The  rise of resale, rental, and re-use
Interest and acceptance of resale, rental and reuse of luxury goods has rocketed, as mature consumers consider purchasing decisions more carefully, and as new consumers start their journey on the luxury ladder. But will this market sector develop into more than a niche – and how can resale and rental play a significant role in an industry driven by desire and newness?

How  brands should navigate the new influencer media landscape
With the emergence and rapid adoption of new media channels, and more creator content than ever before, what do legal counsel and c-suite need to be aware of when planning and implementing communications?

Wednesday 22 September 2021

British Museum, London

Luxury in the Roaring Twenties – Navigating Tomorrow’s  Roadmap


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Global  trends in the luxury goods industry

This  opening session will explore the topics that are driving change and growth in  the luxury industry – from new digital assets to advanced technologies, and more.

Anita Balchandani, Partner and Leader, EMEA Apparel,  Fashion & Luxury Group, McKinsey & Co.

Panel:  The new luxury reality

From the evolving luxury consumer, to  the power of data, this session will explore how the luxury  industry has adapted to new realities, the lessons to be learned from  the winners and survivors of the pandemic, and how nascent industry trends  have accelerated.  Speakers will include major brand General Counsel, and luxury industry business  leaders.

Panellists include: 
Ceanne Fernandes-Wong, CEO and Co-Founder, COCOON

Keynote:  Luxury in the New Roaring Twenties

Post-pandemic, the luxury consumer is richer and more  ready to spend than ever before. As the industry prepares for a new “Roaring  Twenties”, are excess and extravagance the new watchwords, or is there space  for a more thoughtful and considered approach to luxury?

Kristina Blahnik, Chief Executive Officer, Manolo Blahnik

The past, present, and future of luxury

Heritage  has always been key to luxury industry success and legitimacy. But is this  still the case? How is digital luxury creating new interpretations of IP  rights, as well as new opportunities for luxury brands? And what does the  ongoing rise of digital mean for the “soul” of luxury? 


Morning refreshments and networking


Workshops, delegates choose from one of two workshops

Workshop #1

Ecommerce, reseller platforms, and upcycling
Hosted by HGF

Martyn Fish, Partner & Head of Law, HGF  Limited

Claire Jones, Trade Mark Director, HGF  Limited

Rebecca Field, Trade Mark Director, HGF  Limited

Workshop #2

Hosted by Baker McKenzie

Workshops, delegates choose from one of two workshops

Workshop #3

Digitisation and NFTs in the luxury goods market
Hosted by Fladgate

Workshop #4

Sustainability: No longer a luxury

Hosted by Bird & Bird

Sustainability is becoming synonymous with luxury and should be at the top of your strategic agenda. Businesses must prioritise their environmental and social impact across the supply chain to meet consumer expectations and drive growth.

We will be joined by a panel of industry experts to find out how they are implementing sustainable practices, and we will explore the sustainability laws and regulations that are re-shaping the future of luxury


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Luxury Tech: The view from Silicon  Valley

How  can luxury brands use technological tools including AI to strengthen and protect  their social media presence?

Jenny Wolfram, Chief Executive Officer, BrandBastion


Afternoon Refreshments and Networking


Workshops, choose one from the following

Workshop #5

Embedding privacy and security in your company

Hosted by Hogan Lovells

Katie McMullan, Senior Associate, London, Hogan Lovells

Workshop #6

FAKE NEWS! – using IP to effectively combat online celebrity endorsement scams and luxury fashion good counterfeits

Hosted by AA Thornton

This session will discuss the rising issue of fake news and online celebrity scams and what can be done to successfully combat issues before they become a PR nightmare. Geoff and Sarah will cover on-line enforcement, including website blocking orders and takedowns, as well as take-downs relating to counterfeit luxury fashion goods and the benefits of design registration. 

Sarah Darby, Partner, Trade Mark Attorney, AA Thornton 

Geoff Hussey, Partner, Solicitor, AA Thornton 

Main stage sessions

Is the influencer marketing bubble  about to burst?

In this session we explore how the industry has evolved in  recent years, and the challenges that continue to present themselves in terms  of advertising disclosure transparency, authenticity of voice, use of  third-party materials, and handling and mitigating crises.

Joanne Loughrey, Associate General Counsel, L’Oréal

Lucy Loveridge, Talent Advisor

Jamie Diaferia, Founder,  Infinite Global


Luxury Law Awards winner announcements

Evening Reception and Networking


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