Clare Murray

Managing Partner
CM Murray LLP


Clare Murray


Clare Murray is the founder and Managing Partner of CM Murray LLP, specialising in partnership and employment law.

Clare acts for US and UK professional services firms (particularly in the legal sector), and for equity partners in professional services and investment management firms. She has particular expertise in the strategic handling of partner exits, team moves and partner restrictive covenants, as well as partner discrimination and whistleblowing issues and related litigation.

Clare played a leading role in the creation of the Professional Practices Alliance.

Clare is also regarded as a market leader in providing strategic advice to senior executives, founders, US and multi-national companies with UK operations, and US and UK law firms on their employment law issues.

Many of the employment law matters in which Clare is involved are cross-border.

Together with Bettina Bender, Clare was instrumental in setting up global employment law alliance, Innangard.

Source: Personal website


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